Le nuove Emoji sono dedicate alle donne

Oggi parte della comunicazione passa attraverso le Emoji. Le prossime ad essere rilasciate saranno ben 72 e finalmente affronteranno il problema di genere.

Sono state infatti inserite le emoticon che ritraggono le professioni declinate al femminile (finalmente!) e pian piano raggiungeranno tutti i nostri dispositivi con i sistemi operativi iOS10 e Android N. 

Secondo Google bisognava sopperire alla mancanza e soprattuto equilibrare la parità dei sessi. Ecco quindi che arrivano tredici nuove figure che rappresentano le donne lavoratrici.

Dopo il video che le illustra, Christy Suk aggiunge la propria impressione. E tu, le userai adesso le Emoji nei tuoi messaggi?

Emoji is a language of its own, and is ever growing every year. I myself originally never used emojis, they were barely any options and the few we had were not relevant besides the facial expressions, that I would use from time to time. 

Currently now thought, I am becoming an Emoji user, there are so many more options that express my feelings now and make the world of texting fun. Now with over 70 new emojis released at the end of last month, we have even more options to choose from. The additions in my opinion are great! I love that they added more food, and the clinking champagne glasses are just amazing additions in my opinion!

The one issue that keeps arising though with every release of new emojis is the lack of women emojis that perceive women as anything more than dancers and princesses.  I myself love the Princesses Emoji, but at some point we have to get away from that stereotype of women, and that we, women are capable of intellectual tasks, we can do anything that a man can do.

Now I have heard that Google is working to create more emojis that give women more jobs, but what I do not understand is why it is taking Google so long to get along with the current times. Google is fairly contemporary business and the fact that they are still keeping a glass ceiling over the heads of women in the Emoji world blows my mind.

Once new emojis are added and women are finely represented equally, emojis I believe will take off even more and be more of hit. I know personally I am excited to see emojis for women and to really begin using the language of emojis!

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