Dealing with public relations in Italy through media relations is an excellent means of achieving effective communication campaigns. Italian journalists - while maintaining all the "annoying" traits journalists have all around the world - are always very receptive and attentive to anything coming from abroad.
From a media point of view, Italy is a country that reflects its own history. The country is significantly fragmented even in terms of news distribution. There are national newspapers - even with capillary distribution - but none of them covers the entire country. Il Corriere della Sera and La Reubblica - the most important newspapers, for example - split Italy in half. Il Corriere has many faithful readers in the North, while La Repubblica is more successful in the central and southern regions. That is why local and regional newspapers - and there are a great number of them - can play an interesting strategic role. All things considered, television remains the main media channel required for a strong national impact.  
Naturally, even in our country, Digital is undergoing radical changes, and newspapers associated with large publishers adapted perfectly to the level of other great international media. However, perhaps in Italy we are still in a transitional phase, where online and off-line continue to be closely linked. In addition, internet coverage in our territory cannot be considered complete just yet.
Encanto Public Relations has been on the market for 17 years with international clients like Pepsico. It has a strong media-oriented approach, and now also a significant social-media approach. Managing clients approaching the Italian market for the first time is our core business.

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