Tendenze: Shadow Project. A New Prospective on Art

, Jonathan Chomko and Matthew Rosier take a new shadowy stance on public art by using infrared technology to capture the shadows of people in the area and then projecting their shadows movements after the person has left. This public and interactive artwork was designed to begin to close the gap that technology creates between strangers, and allow people who share an environment to interact in the space using the shadows to remember all who have been there at various times. Matthew Rosier stated, “Our starting point was the notion that what makes our cities vibrant are the people we share them with.”

Chomko and Rosier’s project, rightly titled, “Shadowing” was named the winner of the 2014 Playable City award. “Shadowing” embodies the Playable City award’s slogan, “come play, explore” by incorporating creative uses of technology to make for a finished product of interactive art as a gift to the public.

“Shadowing” will be installed in Bristol, England  this coming September. Get a glimpse of  “Shadowing” at http://www.fastcocreate.com/3031647/shadow-project-wins-latest-playful-smart-cities-initiative

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