From teens to A-list celebrities, selfies have been the lastest craze among such amature photographers.  This selfie phenomenon inspired U.K. photographer, Dan Rubin to create a selfie mash-up, fittingly named “Phonies,” consisting of famous faces on much less famous people.
The photographer  found willing, random people who opted to hold a smartphone, over their face to reflect a celebrity face on it to appear as their own.  Some of the star photos used in this compilation of  mixed up selfies , to name a few, are  James Franco, Cara Delevingne, and Aaron Paul.  It is an interesting sight to see how their faces fit over another almost perfectly.
This piece is certainly an attention getter  but the question of “Why?” still lingers. Did Dan Rubin think of this concept simply for entertainment, or to point out that celebrities are just like everyone else,  or is it to illustrate societies thoughts of who we are versus who we want to be?  The answer is left to the audience to decide. See more of Dan Rubin’s work on his Tumblr at  http://danrubin.tumblr.com/

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